For Want of an URL

It was Doomtown league night tonight, as well as the release day for the new wave of X-Wing ships, so there was much to-do going on at our local game store.  Money was spent, games were played, post-game chit-chat went on outside for about thirty minutes, and then I made my way home to hop online to record my games played, add my new ships to my collection, and toss off a fascinating blog entry.

Only the internet wasn’t cooperating.  At all.

So I sat staring at my computer screen, with the realization creeping over me that this was clearly the worst thing ever.

Okay, not really, but it did occur to me the domino effect something as simple as a temporary internet outage would have on me.  I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this blog, for one thing.  No internet means no, not even to type a draft.  Sure, I could use Word or something and paste it in later, but that’s like a whole other step.

It would be a lot harder to talk to Jillian, for another thing.  We use Facebook Messenger mostly, and it’s much easier to connect to it via wi-fi than depend on a 3G or 4G connection.  But no internet makes wi-fi useful only for connecting to my computer, who isn’t nearly as sparkling conversationalist as Jillian is.

I wouldn’t be able to check my news feeds.  No way to double-check some rules questions that came up during the games tonight.  No emails.  No look at what the latest NFL draft thoughts are.  Can’t add my new stuff to my Board Game Geek profile.  There’s the very real possibility I would have just given up and gone to bed.  BEFORE 11:00.

All right, all of that is a bit over-dramatic, but it does underline how dependent I’ve become on that little wire running from wall to modem.  Some little glitch inside that box and my entire routine gets turned on its head.  But a quick reset later and I’m back up and running.  Which is good.  I’d hate to think of what might happen if the power wen


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