Imperfect Union

Imperfect Union

Tomorrow we’re going to light the fireworks and sing the songs and wave the flags and pay all the due reverence to the Founding Fathers, just like we do every year.  And, also like every year, we’ll do it without really putting all that much thought into it.  We’ll toss up these historical figures as … Continue reading

Losing It:  My Cinematic Breakdowns

Losing It: My Cinematic Breakdowns

Feel free to do what you want with my mythical “man card” or whatever, but I’m not afraid to admit that there are movies that have made me cry.  Any filmmaker worth their salt is trying to evoke an emotional response from their audience; who am I to deny them?  Now it’s not something I … Continue reading

What I’d Watch 7/1/15

As anyone could have guessed, last week’s new releases got clobbered by the 1-2 punch of dinosaurs and feelings.  Both Jurassic World and Inside Out made more than the combined total of newcomers Ted 2 and Max, with Pixar’s latest damn near overtaking Indominus Rex and company.  In fact, it’s very likely Inside Out could … Continue reading

Leloo Dallas MoviePass

I’ve had MoviePass since January.  I’d been intrigued by the idea — pay a flat fee every month and go see as many movies as you want — and some Facebook friends were jumping on it, so I thought I’d give it a try.  It’s $35 a month, but that’s less than four movies as … Continue reading

Dice Tower Quick Hits: Day 2

The long Day 1 took its toll, as Day 2 ended a few hours earlier for me.  Here are the highlights: Game #5 — Kingsport Festival:  A Cthulhu re-skin of the game Kingsburg, this has you rolling dice to invoke various Elder Gods to increase your occult influence in the town of Kingsport.  Occasionally some … Continue reading

Dice Tower Quick Hits: Day 1

Some quick thoughts on Day 1 of Dice Tower Con 2015: Check-in was once again much more convoluted than it needed to be.  Having hundreds of people file past a single table through two doors isn’t going to work.  And you don’t reorganize the line after people have been standing in it for an hour. … Continue reading

Conventional Thinking

Dice Tower Con 2015 kicks off today, which means I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in board games for the next five days.  And which also means updates here are likely to be scarce.  I’ll try at least to do a brief rundown of what I played each day, but that will depend … Continue reading

Hard of Hearing

This is going to get grossly specific about my ears, so maybe skip this next paragraph if you’re squeamish.  Hell, skip this next paragraph anyway on general principle.  Okay, let’s not get grossly specific then, for everybody’s sake. The short version is that my ears tend to get clogged, especially when they get water in … Continue reading

Pulled Back In

I blame Alan Sepinwall, I really do.  He recently started a revisit of Season 1 of The Sopranos over at HitFix, and in particular how firmly the show hits the ground running in its first episode.  It’s been a while since I watched the show — I caught up on the first four seasons on disc … Continue reading