Path of Most Resistance

16114076_10158111906055297_1387189001408859556_nIt’s 12 noon EST, and we have no president.

There have been previous presidents I haven’t cared for.  But that was a matter of rational men with whom I disagreed, or overwhelmed men who I thought would do no harm.

Neither is the case here.

This is an instinctive, gut-level loathing for the unqualified person ascending to the highest office in the land.  This isn’t an inauguration so much as it is a requiem.  The idea of the President of the United States as someone who at the very least pretends to represent the best of us is dead.

I’d planned on changing my Facebook profile picture to a blank black square, much as I did on election night.  But that felt like too much of a surrender.  This isn’t the time to give in, to cower in the corner because a bloated demagogue is being sworn in today.

This is not a man who should be met with shrugged shoulders and sighs of resignation.

This is not an administration to be tolerated until it goes away.

This is a government that should be told in no uncertain terms what we will and will not tolerate.  That should hear the nearly 74 million people who voted for somebody, anybody else.  That should know our voices have torn down tyrants before, and are more than willing to do so again.

We must haunt their every move.  We must decry every outrage until our throats are hoarse.  We must be the “We the people” who the Constitution tasks with forming the “more perfect union” it promises.  And we must not stop until this travesty of a man is no longer sitting in our office in our house.

It’s 12 noon EST, and we have no president.

We have an opponent.


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