Well Hello There

2016-09-26_12-14-08There really won’t be as many monkeys going forward, I promise.

But there will be more words!  Not that that will be a difficult task, seeing as my last post was almost three months ago.  I was already a winner when I typed that first “there” up there.

Nevertheless, after a long, hot Florida summer, the itch has returned and it’s time to shake the rust off this thing and get it rolling again.  While I’m at it, the three-month hiatus made it feel like a good time to freshen things up a bit.  And remove probably the biggest motivation drag on this blog, for which I have only myself to blame.

The name.

That “Daily” in the old name just haunted me.  If I was going to call this The Daily Rich, well, I pretty much had to post daily.  And I did.  For a while.  And then I allowed myself the occasional bit of slacking off.  Which then became a regular bit of slacking off, usually on weekends.  But still, the whole thing eventually felt like an obligation, that damn thing I had to do before midnight or else I was the greatest biggest liar in the whole wide world.  It got tiring.  It got uninspiring.  And it got put to bed for three months as a result.

I’ve had the notion to start this back up since Labor Day.  I had a whole “summer vacation is over” thing going on.  But there was that name.  Did I really want to throw myself into a daily grind again?

Turns out the answer was no and so you get monkeys.

But the important thing is that you’ll also get blog posts again.  Just not daily.  Or close to daily.  This is going to be more of a “when I have something to say” kind of thing.  Sometimes, that might be more than once a day, for only a few sentences.  Sometimes, it might a long post and then three or four days of nothing.  But in every case, it’ll be something that I want to do.  Not something that I feel like I have to do.

Which hopefully will be more often than not.

(And yes, I know these are apes, not monkeys, but “monkeys” is just a funnier word and seriously, my first day back and you’re already nitpicking? )


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