Write Out

This blog has been tough for me lately.  I’ve veered between wanting to write nothing but indignant howling at the stupidity and ugliness I see in the news everyday and wanting to just not bother with it.  If I’m being honest, it sometimes feels kind of trivial to write about movies and board games when there are major world powers seemingly on the verge of tearing themselves apart.  The one I live in included.

But then I wonder at the usefulness of being angry all the time.  There’s being engaged, and then there’s being obsessed.  I don’t want to pretend there aren’t things that need changing, but I also can’t bring myself to live inside the outrage and make it the be all end all of my thought process.

All of which has led to a sort of sense of stasis when it comes to this blog.  I keep discarding ideas as either too heavy or too frivolous.  I know I’m over-thinking it, but if there’s anything I’m good at, it’s analyzing things to death.

Considering that next week is basically going to be dominated by Dice Tower Con anyway, I’m thinking this is a good time for a short break.  Nothing long-term, probably just for the duration of the con.  Which is maybe just what I need to restore some kind of happy equilibrium.  A week away from work and news and just nothing but boards and bits and friends.  And heck, if anything inspires me, I may just make a liar of myself and write something anyway.

Either way, I’ll see you all on the other side.


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