Heat of the Moment

I like to think I’ve lead a good life.  Sure, I’ve made mistakes, but I regret them, and have made sincere efforts to atone for them.  I try to do the right thing as often as I can, and I really thought I was tipping the karmic scales in my favor.

So why then has my air conditioning gone out in June in Florida?

It was fine Friday night. In fact, I had to turn it off because I was feeling a little chilly.  I woke up during the night and felt a little warm, so I turned it back on and went back to bed.  When I woke up yesterday, it wasn’t quite hot, but it wasn’t the comfortably arctic temperature I like to bundle in on a lazy Saturday morning either.  I thought maybe it just needed some time to warm up and get running.  Well, it had the warm up part down all right.

Maintenance came and it turns out it’s nothing in the apartment itself, but the actual compressor downstairs.  Which apparently is the same unit that was installed when the place was built I think some time around the signing of the Magna Carta.  So it’ll have to be replaced, and the ominous words “we’ll order one” didn’t fill me with much hope that it’ll be soon.

Meanwhile I have this monstrosity of a portable AC unit in my dining room making more noise than a small plane taking off.  And since it has an exhaust duct for hot air, I have to keep it near the sliding glass doors.  Which not only means it’s not in the best location for cooling the place down, but also that I have to keep the door slightly open to let the air vent out.  So the AC has to work twice as hard.  And stay on that much longer.

So think well on your wrongdoings.  Carefully consider how you treat those you meet in your day-to-day life.  Because you never know when you might be cast into the literal Hell that is my apartment right now.


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