Sausage and Law

The sun came up yesterday, which meant it was time for the internet to lose its collective mind about something.  The chance for that something to be about Star Wars made it all the better.

Word started circling that Rogue One was going back for four weeks of reshoots and the race was on to see who could declare it a disaster first.  Disney execs were in a panic!  The movie was too dark!  It needed to be saved!  The franchise was in trouble!  We can talk about this for months!

Of course, the film could very well be in trouble.  Disney execs may be in a state of panic.  But none of that is indicated merely by a film doing reshoots.  These days, with so much money on the line, a big blockbuster going back to get more coverage or tighten things up is hardly unusual.  Hell, the Lord of the Rings films each had six weeks of pick-up shooting scheduled in from the get-go.  How’d those turn out again?

The truth is the film is still in production.  We’re likely at least three or four months away from having any genuine idea what we’re going to have in Rogue One.  But today’s connectivity and impatience mean we’ll jump on every last morsel to trickle out between now and then.  Gone are the days when a film could sneak up on you.  We’ve got them locked and scoped from the moment they’re announced.  And some aren’t happy until the know every last detail before the final print is dry in the can.

But for a bunch of people supposedly “in the know,” not being aware of how common reshoots are is sort of puzzling.  It’s like we know enough to have the opinions we want — or that will get hits on our web sites — but not enough to know what’s really going on.  Maybe we’re better off just waiting to see the films for ourselves rather than agonizing over every step of the process.  My enjoyment of a meal isn’t improved by knowing where the chef bought all the ingredients and hovering around while they cook them.  Maybe we need to add movies to sausage and law on the list of things that people love and shouldn’t watch being made.


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