Legging It Out

So remember when I talked about doing the Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend and how pain was temporary?

Yeah, not so much.

I gave it about two weeks to let whatever was going on with my knee calm itself down before I got out for another run.  And for the first mile and a half, it felt pretty good.  But then along came the exact same twinge, followed by the exact same pain, and I ended up walking the rest of the way home.  The stairs up to my apartment were an adventure.  As was getting up out of chair without being careful later that day.  It eventually worked itself out, but ever since then, off and on, it’s come back.  Not for long, and not nearly as bad, but still there.

And from all the indications, it’s an IT band issue.  Which, from what I’ve seen in the runDisney group I’m in on Facebook, is not all that uncommon.  And not all that easy to get rid of.  The actual treatment is simple rest and ice and elevation, but it can linger.  And since I kind of have to walk to get places, I’m probably not resting it as much as I could.

Which also means my exercise sort of nose dived over the last few weeks.  Part of it was using my knee as an excuse, because I can walk without any pain.  But after having been doing nothing but the interval runs for so long, just walking felt like a step backward I wasn’t willing to take.

But it’s better than nothing.  So today I got out there twice.  Once in the morning and once after work.  And it felt good.  My leg didn’t bother me (although some stairs at work had a few things to say about that).  And most of all, I found myself wanting to get back to the running.  Which I guess is a good sign.

So maybe the pain is a little less temporary than I’d like.  But it’s not going to get me down.


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