Bernie Blinders

Really.  I get it.  You guys love Bernie Sanders.  He’s this hip old guy who rattles the right cages and had that cute little bird land on his podium and he’s not somebody who’s been dragged through the wringer multiple times over the last twenty years.  He’s new and fresh and that’s exciting.

But, please, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t turn that enthusiasm into bitterness and vote for Donald Trump if Sanders doesn’t win the nomination.

Come on.  You guys are smarter than that.  You can’t honestly think four years of Trump would possibly be better than four years of Hillary Clinton.  Your disappointment over a Sanders defeat couldn’t possibly justify letting that boorish, ignorant buffoon into the White House.  Seriously.  Clinton might not be promising revolutions overnight, but you know what?  She’s also not promising to ban Muslims and deport 11 million people and punish women who get abortions.  Please tell me the Sanders glasses haven’t blinded you to that.

Yes, he fills stadiums.  Yes, he’s getting young people out to vote.  But yes, he’s still trailing Clinton, both in the popular vote and in the delegate count.  So you have to brace yourselves for the reality of him not getting the nomination.  And voting for Trump in a fit of pique is not the way to go about that.  That’s stubbing your toe and cutting your leg off for daring to have that toe on it.

I know I’ve begged you guys to vote if Sanders isn’t the nominee.  But honestly?  If you plan on doing so with a vote for Trump, just stay home.  At least you won’t directly share any of the blame of that toupeed idiot wins.


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