Thanks to the efficiency of Amazon and the competence of Bright House customer support, my 48-hour sojourn into the land of 1994 came to an end last night.  New modem, better surge protector, internet back and making lights happily blink.

And part of me isn’t sure it’s a good thing.

Monday and Tuesday nights, when I couldn’t stare at the screen browsing all night, I actually got to bed early.  Listened to some music while I read.  Didn’t feel so rushed in the morning because I didn’t have a distraction to occupy my time.  Don’t get me wrong, I got home yesterday and got reconnected first thing out of the gate.  But having to find other things to do wasn’t necessarily an ordeal.  It was kind of refreshing.

I just wish it didn’t take frying a $60 modem to open my eyes to it.


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