Thor Loser

I guess I could blame myself.  There I was last night, hemming and hawing about writing up some stuff about Tabletop Day but feeling so burned out that nothing was forthcoming.  But it had been two days since I’d posted and I didn’t want to run into a third.  So I debated about writing a post about the fact that I had no motivation to write a post.  Just as soon as I finished watching this YouTube video…


That’s the sound I heard right before the clap of thunder.  I glanced around nervously, but it didn’t seem like anything had shut down.  The surge protectors hadn’t triggered, the lights had stayed on, and my video was still playing.

So why was my modem completely dark?

Yep, turns out YouTube pre-caches your video so it’ll keep playing even if you lose your connection.  So while I thought I’d dodged a bullet, I’d actually been hit.  Instead of coming through the power adapter, the surge came through the coaxial cable connecting to the cable company.  And now the exile of laziness has become an exile of necessity while I wait for a new modem.

Which all goes to show I should have just gotten off my ass and written the post in the first place.  Of course, knowing my luck, I’d have been in the middle of it when the modem got fried.

So I’ll be on a little break until I can get this fixed.  Enjoy the respite.  And don’t piss off any thunder gods.


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