Old Man Yells at Cloud

A collection of random thoughts on a lazy Wednesday…

— Here’s a tip for all you businesses out there:  if you’re told to send your stuff here in order to get paid, and instead you send it there, guess what?  You’re not getting paid.

— I just really want it to be November 9th already.  I’m tired of the election.  I’m tired of people talking about the election.  Everybody’s in a pissy mood, and though that’s not likely to improve no matter who wins, at least we’ll have whittled it down to just one droning talking head instead of five of them.

— Almost three years ago, I was essentially banned from playing bar trivia because I was winning too often (#10 on the list).  And it’s been that long since I’ve set foot in the place, despite it being the closest, most convenient sports bar.  Well, my sojourn is at an end.  The owner sold the place to new ownership and I can once again darken their door.  I don’t think I’ll play trivia again — that was a magical time that cannot be recaptured — but I’m looking forward to having a local watering hole again.

— It occurred to me that by reading rules and message boards about the new games I’m bringing to Tabletop Day on Saturday, I’m essentially studying.  For my day off.  Help me.

— I’m currently feeling the pull of wanting a new car.  I’ve had my Civic since 2003, and it has served me well, but the lure of new car smell is strong.  Then again, so is the lure of no car payments…

— Can it just be next week so I can see Civil War already?

And now I’m feeling as lazy as this Wednesday, so time to leave the clouds alone.


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