Men Will Be Boys

Okay, I need a moment to talk to some of my fellow men here.  Not all of them, and the exempt ones know who they are.  But the rest of you, listen up:

You whiny little bastards really know how to ruin something, don’t you?

Oh no!  Somebody put a girl in the lead of another Star Wars movie!  That’s two in a row!  Our six-film forty-year streak might be in danger!

I’m sorry, did I say men?  I meant little boys.

Are you guys really so insecure that a Star Wars movie with a female lead is such a threat to you?  That a fictional universe filled with millions of characters can’t stand to let a story or two be carried by someone who doesn’t look like you?  Men have had, oh, only the entire history of Hollywood to be front and center.  I think we’ll all live if we let someone else have a turn.

Thing is, you guys don’t own the things you like.  You share them.  With anybody else that wants to like them.  Because let’s be honest; there’s no way The Force Awakens grosses almost a billion dollars domestic if it’s just a bunch of guys going to see it.  And no, girls being dragged by their boyfriends wouldn’t have done it either.  News flash:  women like a lot of the same things men do!  Genuinely!

But by all means, continue to embarrass yourselves by living up to every basement dwelling, neck-beard wearing, socially awkward stereotype imaginable so you can picture yourself as god-kings of the universe a little while longer.  You’ll certainly have no one bothering you.  Because those women you secretly wish would talk to you will give you plenty of space to play with your toys.


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