What I’d Watch 4/1/16

All right, good joke, guys.  God’s Not Dead 2 and Meet the Blacks.  You got me.  So what’s really getting released today?

Wait, you’re serious?  Those are actually opening today?  I really have to write about this?

*Sigh*  Okay.

So in case you didn’t believe them the first time, rest assured, God is really not dead.  Apparently …


I can’t do this.

A sequel whose very existence serves to prove its predecessor did a bad job living up to its title?  A parody of The Purge?  I got nothing.  And no way am I spending any more energy on why Batman v Superman is bad and you should feel bad for liking it.

You know what I’m watching?  TV.  Lots and lots of TV.  Starting right now.


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