Tired Tapping

Well I’m beat.  Up early on Saturday for a 5K, then all-day gaming until nearly midnight.  Eight miles under my belt on Sunday, followed by a brief respite for a movie then a few hours wandering around Universal.  Then today, four hours standing in one place doing one of our semi-annual in-park support shifts with a few thousand people milling about around me.

And all of this has been mostly without the benefit of caffeine.  I’ve been trying to wean myself off of it and have been mostly successful.  I haven’t had the headaches you usually get when you cut it out, but I have felt a little bleh.  Add in the flurry of activity from the last three days and I’m guest starring on The Walking Dead.

Which means I don’t really have much to say today.  But it’s been two days since I’ve said anything at all, so, well, here’s something, at least.  And hey, at least it’s got nothing to do with Batman or Superman, so that has to be a relief.


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