With Our Own Eyes

320_10703_1Batman v Superman currently sits at 31% on Rotten Tomatoes.  For comparison, Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, widely regarded as one of the worst films of recent years, is at 35%.  That … that ain’t good, kids.

And yet here I sit with a ticket for the 6:00 show tonight.

Sometimes, you go against the flow because you’re convinced they’re wrong.  That was Jupiter Ascending for me.  I was convinced I’d find something to enjoy in it, bad advance reviews be damned, and so I was going anyway.  It doesn’t always work out, but you hold out that hope that everyone just missed the point and you’ve found some special gem that enters your own private canon.

Other times, you’re the NASCAR fan.  Yeah, you’re there for the racing, but boy, it sure would be cool to see a wreck.  And I think that’s what’s driving a lot of the “gotta see it” attitude to BvS.  We expect a disaster, and we want to see it unfold before our very eyes.  Sure, we can read bad reviews and hear bad word of mouth, but until we see it for ourselves, we can’t quite comprehend it.  We need that eyewitness experience, if for no other reason than to competently join in the evisceration.

But is that reason enough to spend $10 on something you’re already predisposed not to like?  I guess it’s a little late for me to be asking that question.


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