I’d been on a bit of a roll playing X-Wing lately.  I had a squad I really liked and that I’d won a bunch of games with.  The ships worked well together and, more importantly, worked the way I wanted it to.  So I felt pretty good going into our tournament on Sunday.

And I got waxed in the first game.  All my ships blown off the table and barely a scratch on my opponent.  All the stuff I’d been doing right, I did wrong.  All the things that had worked, didn’t.  Dice that had been friendly turned on me.  My opponent had one hell of a build — a super maneuverable Darth Vader and a giant brick of a ship with hull for days — so it wasn’t just my misfortune that turned the tide.  But I thought I’d at least show up, and I got completely shut out.

That meant the next game would pit me against someone who lost in the first round as well.  And the rubber band snapped back.  It was a total opposite of the first game.  I was unstoppable.  The right moves at the right time.  Huge dice rolls.  I destroyed all his ships and I think I lost a couple of shields.  But as pleased as I was with the win, the fact remained that against a good squad I got beat, and only won against someone who eventually lost all three of their games.  Then along came the third game, which was close, and went to time, but I came out on the short end again.  A 1-2 record, no prizes, and a whole lot of humble to choke down.

And it was still fun.  Yes, it’s frustrating to not do well, but come on, you’re moving little plastic spaceships around!  It’s cool!  The models look great!  And they’d better, because I have enough of the damn things…

So I was disappointed but not discouraged.  There’ll be other tournaments.  There’s still plenty of fun to be had playing casually.  And besides, I think I have an idea for this really good squad…



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