What I’d Watch 2/26/16

It feels like Monday should be a holiday.  I mean, it’s a whole extra day we only see every four years.  Seems like that calls for a special occasion and an excuse not to go to work.  But it’s not a holiday, which means this is an ordinary Friday with an ordinary slate of late-February releases that, aside from sharpening the knives for a good carving in on instance, nobody is particularly excited about.

mv5bmtu0ndcxmzczmv5bml5banbnxkftztgwodkxntuwode-_v1_uy222_cr00150222_alTriple 9 does seem kind of interesting though.  The title comes from 999, which is police radio code for an officer down.  That’s relevant to the film in that the group of thieves at its center plan to kill a police officer on one side of town as a distraction for their heist on the other side.  This being a Hollywood movie, Things Do Not Go According to Plan, and, the producers hope, much drama and excitement ensues.  It’s got an interesting cast, and a plot that seems to make most of the people we’ll be spending time with not very nice guys.  Could be some nice moral ambiguity going on.  It also feels like a Redbox rental in a few months.  Especially since the last film from director John Hillcoat was the forgettable Lawless.  Which also had an interesting cast.

mv5bmtuxotc5mtu1nf5bml5banbnxkftztgwodyynta1nze-_v1_uy222_cr00150222_alSpeaking of interesting casts, Eddie the Eagle brings us Christopher Walken and Hugh Jackman, together at last!  All right, I’m not sure if we’ve been waiting for that particular combo, or if they even have any scenes together, but a segue is a segue.  If you’re too young to remember the 1988 Winter Olympics, you don’t realize what a big deal the real-life Eddie the Eagle was.  While he was a terrible ski jumper — he finished last in every event — but a terrific bit of human interest fluff, and we loved him for his fifteen minutes and promptly forgot about him.  Now we have this movie to remind us, and I’m sure it’ll be every bit as charming and uplifting, and probably just as forgettable.  But I can’t bang on it too much.  There’s just too much likeability here.

mv5bnjexodg3mduznl5bml5banbnxkftztgwnjexmje3nze-_v1_uy222_cr00150222_alNow, the main course!  Get the gravy, make sure the knives are sharp, because the first designated turkey of 2106 is here!  Gods of Egypt has been getting tons of buzz over the last couple of months, none of it for anything good.  If it wasn’t the outright ridiculousness of how the whole thing looked, it was the almost exclusively white cast playing gods and denizens of ancient Egypt.  Including Gerard Butler in full Scottish lilt, for as much sense as that makes.  It certainly looks like it’ll have some gonzo eye candy — and I’ve even seen a review or two that actually dare to take the stance that the film is pretty decent fun — but I can’t imagine this getting much more attention than a traffic accident;  everyone will slow down to look at the wreckage, then keep on to wherever it is they’re going.

And of course, Sunday is the really big show, the Oscar broadcast.  Everyone’s waiting to see how much host Chris Rock lays into the Academy for the whole #OscarSoWhite thing.  Probably more so than to see who wins what.  There’s this sort of inevitable feeling that the Academy is going to anoint Alejandro Iñárritu by giving him back-to-back Best Director and Best Picture awards, but I’m not sure they’re ready to do that.  But maybe that’s because I’m just really sentimentally rooting for George Miller to get some long-deserved love.  Besides, it’s not like I don’t think Fury Road is probably the best film I saw last year.  Whatever the case, I’ll be here doing my annual live blogging of the night’s events, so if you’re looking for some dessert after your Gods of Egypt turkey, you know the place to be.


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