Frown Upside-Down

The last two posts were kind of doom and gloomy, so I’ve decided to take a page from one of my favorite podcasts.  Every episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour ends with a segment called “What’s Making Us Happy,” in which the contributors discuss, well, what’s making them happy that week.  They lean decidedly towards the pop culture end of the spectrum, as befits the nature of the podcast.  My version is going to be a little more far ranging, but no less happiness inducing.

— I got taken off my blood pressure medicine again this week.  My doctor had wanted to see me before renewing the prescription again, and I’d actually run out last Wednesday.  Monday morning, with no trace of the meds left in my system, my blood pressure was 122/82.  On seeing that, my doctor promptly took me off the meds and wants me to stay off for three months, barring any precipitous leap in my pressure.  Needless to say, I’ve been without caffeine since Monday.  I’m not taking any chances.

— My dad got some good medical news too.  Heart’s in good shape, other medical issues are under control, so it looks like I’ll be getting a parental visit in the next couple of months.  They’re reaching the age where travel is just too much of a hassle, so this might be their last time coming down here for a while.  We’re totally going to do the theme park thing like we always do, and I’m sure they’ll spoil like they also always do, and I won’t mind it one bit.

— I got some new storage stuff, which means the opportunity to reorganize my X-Wing collection.  My apartment is a mess, but I can spend hours rearranging game bits in plastic boxes.  There’s something calming about it, a comforting sense of having control over something, of there being at least one thing I have completely in hand.  Until the next wave comes out in a few weeks…

— Speaking of X-Wing, I’ve been playing more lately and remembering why I love it so much.  The squad building, the game play, and most of all, the people who play it.  It’s just a good time.

— And finally, I get to chat with Jillian most of the day.  That’s a great big happy right there.


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