Social Net Work

It should be simple.  You see something you like on Facebook, and you decide you want to share it with somebody.  That’s kind of the point, right?  You see a post and think, “Hey, my friend would probably like that.”  Simple as clicking Share.  Or so you would think.

Say you know they’re also friends with the person who posted it originally.  You don’t want to be redundant and post something they’ve already seen.  So you check and make sure they haven’t liked or commented on the post.  And they haven’t.  Okay, good.

But wait; you know they follow the page where the person who shared the post got it.  So you have to go to that page and see if your friend has liked or commented there.  And they haven’t.  Fine.

Hang on though; this post was germane to a Facebook group the three of you are in.  Someone may have posted it there already.  So you have to go the group and see if they’ve possibly seen it there.  And they haven’t.  Great.  That should cover it.  So you go ahead and post it to your friend’s page.

Only to see they found it somewhere else and while you were making sure they hadn’t.

Then you just wander off and watch funny dog videos for a bit, because ultimately, that’s what the internet is good for anymore.


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