What I’d Watch 2/12/16

I’m so woefully behind on my theatrical movie watching.  I’ve seen 38 movies so far this year, which is actually a pretty impressive number.  But only two of them have been in a theater.  And both of those were repeat viewings of The Force Awakens.  I’ve still got to see the various Oscar nominees that are out, and I still need to see Hail, Caesar!  But I had the trip to California, my weekends have been busy, and weeknights I usually just feel like getting home and vegetating.  I’ve been through ruts like this before and pulled out of it, but I still don’t like it.  Still, I’ve got President’s Day off on Monday; that could be a good day to get back on the wagon.

mv5bnzi4mdmwmzuwnf5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdgynzkynze-_v1_uy222_cr00150222_alThat wagon will not likely contain a trip to How to Be Single.  While I’m totally on board with the idea of a female-centric comedy, I’m not sure I’m on board with this particular one.  If anything, this feels like someone said, “We want another Bridesmaids, but we can’t get you Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, or Paul Feig.  Instead, here’s Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, and, um, some guy.  Go nuts.”  Nothing against Johnson or Wilson (although a little Wilson has gone a looooooong way for me), but this just feels like a pale shadow of some much better movies.  Still, on a mostly testosterone-fueled weekend, it’s nice to see there’s something at least making an effort to offer an alternative.

mv5bmji2mjqxntqzov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmde2mty2nze-_v1_uy222_cr00150222_alZoolander is a film whose appeal is completely lost on me.  It feels like one joke told for ninety minutes.  I saw it, shrugged, and moved on with my life.  So I have to question why that life now has to deal with Zoolander 2 being in it.  Especially when we’re fifteen years after the release of the first film, which didn’t even crack $50 million domestic.  I guess a lot of DVD sales and showings on cable are good enough for anything to get a sequel these days, but the iron’s not exactly hot here.  If the much more hyped sequel to the much more zeigeist-y Anchorman could only better its predecessor by $42 million, I don’t see how this is going to fare much better than the first film.  Then again, plenty of people in Hollywood have made it rich not underestimating nostalgia.  I just don’t know who’s exactly been nostalgic for more Ben Stiller.

mv5bmjqyodg5njc4n15bml5banbnxkftztgwmzexmje3nze-_v1_uy222_cr00150222_alAnyway, it looks like Marvel is once again going to rule the roost, although for once Disney won’t be seeing any of that loot.  FOX’s ownership of the X-Men means Deadpool is all theirs, and indications are they made a good move; the film set the Thursday night record for February and for R-rated films last night, and looks to be headed for a $100 million weekend. And yet I find myself oddly hesitant about this one.  The first trailer felt way too much like a bunch of adolescents who just discovered curse words.  Which, granted, is a large part of the appeal of the character, but I don’t know how well that’ll play over two hours.  Early reviews I’ve seen seem to indicate it does just fine, but those reviews have been from people who were on board with the character from the get-go.  Still,  you can cry super-hero fatigue, but at least this one seems to be trying to do something different with the formula.  And given the other two choices, this is a no-brainer for me as my top choice.

Assuming I can actually drag my ass to a movie theater for a change.


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