Monitor Blizzard

As much time as I spend staring at it, it was only a matter of time until my computer monitor couldn’t take it anymore.

At first I thought it was something with my PC when the monitor started randomly turning off.  Not losing signal, but completely shutting off.  I futzed around with sleep modes and power settings and forced my PC into a constant state of wakefulness, but my monitor kept blinking into oblivion.

Now I was worried that it was my PC’s power supply or the motherboard, but not a single other thing was going wrong.  The PC itself was never shutting off, nothing seemed to be overheating, and when I would turn the monitor back on, everything was right where I left it.

So I finally hooked up a second monitor — my old 19″ HDTV — and left them both on overnight to see who won.  The old TV did.  No loss of signal, albeit the signal it did have looked like crap at 720p.  As for the monitor?  Pitch black.  At least now I knew; something was up with the power in the monitor, either overheating or a short or just plain had enough-ness.

Fortunately, this has coincided with the imminent arrival of my income tax refund, so it looks like I’ll be getting a new monitor this weekend.  I looked around tonight and, well, it seems like nobody wants to carry dedicated PC monitors anymore.  They’d rather you buy an HDTV.  Which can work if it’s got a decent resolution, but I’m being a bit of a grognard and wanting an actual monitor designed to show me PC stuff, not TV shows.  So I’ll be scouring Best Buys hoping to find something decent; I don’t trust a monitor to the whims of UPS or the postal service.

For the time being, I’m going to settle for the near-CRT quality of this crappy little TV, and cast sideways glances at my old monitor.  It’s given me six or seven good years, but I still kinda resent it for leaving me hanging.  Besides, it can’t see me anyway.


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