Personal Foul

I haven’t gotten the chance to watch a lot of playoff football this year.  My fiendish game store manager friend conspired to hold game days and tournaments on the weekends lately, plus I was out at Disneyland last week and otherwise occupied while the games were on (although I did see the crazy finish to the Arizona/Green Bay game).  And today was the second day of a two-day X-Wing tournament that I was doing fairly well in, so I had resigned myself to missing the early game today, figuring it would be the NFC Championship Game due to the AFC game being in Denver.

Of course, the NFL saw fit to  have the Denver/New England game kick of first.  I thought they’d want the game in Carolina to go earlier due to the weather, letting both games take place mostly in the sunlight.  But the Panthers game is winding down as we near 9:30 Eastern time.  And it’s been an absolute snore unless you’re a Carolina fan.

So of course, the game I missed was a downright thriller.  I had to listen to the end of it on the radio as I drove home from my games.  Now to be fair, I placed second in the tournament, and won the mini-event we ran afterward, so I came home with some nice swag.  But it figures that I’d be missing the one good game today and home in time to watch the blowout.  It’s just not fair.

And honestly, I don’t see how Denver is going to give Carolina any kind of a game.  Especially if Peyton Manning plays the way he did today.  Because I don’t think the Broncos defense can hold back Cam Netwon and company for as long as they’ll need to in order to compensate for the offense’s deficiencies.  Sooner or later, the dam is going to break, and that defense is going to tire, and the Panthers will roll.

Then again, nobody really gave Denver a chance to win their game today either.  So I really hope they make a game of the Super Bowl.  Seeing as I’ll be watching it, I’d like it to be worth my time.


One thought on “Personal Foul

  1. Too bad you missed the game, it was a lot of fun to watch! I have a friend that is a Broncos fan who watched it with us, and I’ve never seen anyone that excited after a failed two-point conversion attempt. I agree that it doesn’t look like the Broncos have much of a shot, but I’m holding out that their defense truly is the best in the league and will give Cam a tougher challenge than anything he’s faced before. I also think Peyton has just enough left in the tank that if the game is close in the fourth quarter, it could get very interesting.

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