That Was the Year That Was

Another year in the books, and the first full year after bringing this blog back to life.  There were definitely ups and downs; sometimes I couldn’t make myself shut up, others I’d stare at the screen and have no idea what to write about.  But I managed 273 posts this year, which isn’t bad considering there were some breaks for vacations and general malaise.

Here are my ten most-read new posts from 2015:

10.  Richard in Retrograde (1/26/15)

My ruminations on being sick kicks things off.  Because I guess people enjoy my suffering.

Favorite bit:  “It does give me the deep, husky man-voice, but that eventually descends into dry hacking followed by wet hacking and so long sex appeal.  Unless you’re into that kind of thing, in which case, ewww.”

9.  Board Minutes for 1/4/15 (1/4/15)

Not sure why this particular entry in the series was so popular, although being about the X-Wing Miniatures game probably didn’t hurt.

Favorite bit:  “Of course, this means yet another game that has its hooks into me for more purchases beyond the base game.  This stuff better be edible somewhere down the line.”

8.  All’s Fair in Love and Card Games (2/18/15)

The saga of a Doomtown tournament gone awry and of gamers doing one of their favorite things:  arguing over rules.

Favorite bit:  ” Come on.  We’re all adults playing games.  And nothing related to a game is worth that kind of angst.”

7.  We Get It (1/31/15)

My taking to task of those who can’t help but display their supposed superiority to people who just want to watch a football game.  Which I can conveniently roll out every year around this time!

Favorite bit:  “Don’t want to see a bunch of posts about scores and commercials?  Stay off Facebook and Twitter for a while.  Go outside.  Go read a book.  Go see a movie.  Go do something else as opposed to writing about how we should be doing something else.  We’ll all be happier.”

6.  Live Longer and Prosper (2/24/15)

I think I knew as soon as Leonard Nimoy went into the hospital that it wasn’t going to be a happy ending, but that didn’t stop me from hoping for one.

Favorite bit:  “But figures like Nimoy and Shatner and Spielberg and Murray are part of my personal pantheon.  They inspired me, shaped me, kept me company.  They still do.  And I’m not ready to face the prospect of saying goodbye.”

5.  All in the Family (3/31/15)

People-watching in a theme park turns into pondering why some religions are cool to do their own thing while others want everyone to get in step.  Apparently all rules are evil unless they’re yours.

Favorite bit:  “A group who is so coddled and catered to for fear of their retribution, and yet which has the gall to call themselves persecuted if governments and corporations don’t march in lock step with their beliefs.  While a religion that suffered the most horrific persecution imaginable not even a century ago simply goes about the business of following their faith.”

4.  The Rising Tide (3/1/15)

I stop taking my medicine!  Yes, these are the exciting developments around here.

Favorite bit:  “The important thing is that I’m better off than I was five years ago.  And I’m not going to let having to take a pill unwrite all that.  Besides, worrying about it will just raise my blood pressure, and that’s the last thing I need.”

3.  On the Contrary (12/21/15)

Turning my back on the nitpickers who were turning Star Wars discussions into dissections of minutiae.  Because we all know that’s what Star Trek is for.

Favorite bit:  “I feel sometimes we go into movies too ready to think and not ready enough to feel.”

2.  Oscar 2015 Live Blog (2/22/15)

This annual tradition is always good for a high view count.  The show wasn’t much of a train wreck this year, so the snark wasn’t as high as usual, but you all read it anyway!

Favorite bit:  “10:37:  That said, classiest xenomorph ever.”

1.   The High Road (4/1/15)

People going the easy route and making fun of someone’s appearance instead of ridiculing their backwards ideas.

Favorite bit:  “It’s what’s going on inside her head that should be confronted.  That’s a hill to die on.  That’s the right fight.”

Looking at these stats, I guess I need to apologize for sucking between April and December.  I’ll try to do better next summer, promise.


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