Dinner Is Reserved

snoopy-and-woodstockYou can tell it’s two days before Thanksgiving at Publix when you walk in and get the very last shopping cart.  Fortunately, I’m only cooking for one and my needs were few.  Turkey roast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, some crescent rolls, snacks, some Sam Adams, good to go.

I get some sympathetic “Oh I’m sorry” looks when I tell people I’m not doing anything for Thanksgiving, but there’s really nothing to be sorry about.  This is the third year in a row where I’ll do my little private feast and settle down to my marathon of Mystery Science Theater and football, and I’m really okay with it.  It’s a day about being thankful, and I’m glad I have the means to spend the day the way I want.  I could be sitting down to a TV dinner in front of a black and white TV.  Things could definitely be worse.

Plus tomorrow I’m getting off work early and catching some movies, Friday I’m doing some shopping early and likely doing a Lord of the Rings marathon, Saturday is a game day at Sci-Fi, and Sunday is a big session of Twilight Imperium with some friends.  There’s absolutely nothing to be sorry about.

Except maybe the calories I’m going to pack in on Thursday.


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