Work Weak

imagesThe second-most useless work week of the year has to be the one between Christmas and New Year’s.  Usually, there’s some kind of year-end deadline that means someone somewhere has to be paying attention to something.  And that likely means they’re bothering you about it.  So, unless you’re important enough, you kind of have to be there.

But the week of Thanksgiving?  Forget it.  Hands down the laziest time of year, at least in an office.  You’re down to only three days, for starters.  So why bother starting anything major?  You’re going to lose most of your folks by mid-afternoon Wednesday anyway.  Of those that even show up on Wednesday, that is.

Tuesday?  Well hell, that’s really close to Wednesday, and if you’re not going to be here Wednesday, I’m sure not going to try and get you wrapped up in some project the day before, because I know you’re head won’t be in it.  Just make sure the building isn’t on fire, get the calendars cleared for the rest of the week, and just take it east.

Oh, Monday?  Well, most of the smart people who could manage already took this whole week off.  We’re just here because we either lacked that kind of foresight or we’re saving our vacation days for something else.  Still, it feels normal, like people are trying.  Until around noon, when they realize the total loss Tuesday and Wednesday will be, and then it’s time to wander around looking busy but actually chatting about what you plan on doing the rest of the week.  Which is nothing, as I’ve stated above.

Now I don’t want to come across as ungrateful for this island of inactivity.  My many years working hourly out in the parks reduced most holidays to just “Thursday.”  Sure, we’d get a nice paycheck with the extra holiday pay added in, but that was cold comfort when you were spending your holiday making sure other people enjoyed theirs.  I don’t know what I’d do if I had to go back to that grind.

So I might kid about the lackadaisical couple of days I have to look forward to, but don’t think for a second I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth.  I don’t have time for that .  Short week, you know.


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