Out of Sight

Tampa_Bay_Buccaneers_2014_Ship2I didn’t get to watch the Bucs game today.  I had a Doomtown tournament and was tied up most of the afternoon.  I’ve been skipping a lot of my Sunday gaming activities due to football season, and figured I owed my friends some quality time.  So of course, the Bucs go and win one while I’m not looking.  Thanks, guys.

I did manage to keep up with the game on my phone, which did lead to some confusion when I wasn’t able to check back in until the fourth quarter.  It was 6-3 Dallas at halftime.  When I looked again, it was still showing 6-3, and I assumed the app just hadn’t refreshed.  Nope, it was the offenses that hadn’t refreshed, and I got into the tracker just in time to “see” Jameis Winston fumble, earn a reprieve, and win the game.

During the early days of my Buc fandom, I listened to more games than I watched.  It was by necessity; they simply weren’t good enough to sell out and get on local TV.  And it would madden me to have to hear a victory than actually see one.  Of course, wins of any variety weren’t happening very often in those days, but I’d sometimes convince myself that the less I watched, the better they’d do.  I’ve long since disabused myself of that notion, but I know more than a few sports fans superstitious enough to run with something like that.  “Fan” isn’t short for “fanatic” for nothing.

As for the game, kudos to the defense, although not having seen it, I don’t know if it was good defense or bad offense.  Winston’s stats weren’t all that impressive — he threw a pick on the drive before the game-winner — but he got the stat that mattered, and there’s something to be said for shaking off a sub-par game and still making the winning play.  Mike Evans had a monster game stat-wise, but I’ll have to see how many drops he had.  I know that sounds cynical — the guy went for 126 yards today — but he’s been dropping so many catchable balls of late, it’s hard not to be.

Regardless, it’s a win, which puts as at 4-5 and, unbelievably, back in the playoff race.  Oh how that loss to Washington is looming now.  We could be 5-4 and really in the thick of it.  Still, we’ve doubled our win total from last year, with some very winnable games on the horizon.  I’m still not thinking playoffs myself, but six or seven wins after last year’s mess would be great.  Just get some of them while I’m watching, okay?


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