Half Measures

I went into this past weekend looking forward to my first half marathon.  I exited the weekend still looking forward to it.

I hate to say it, but I think it was my fault.  I was waiting in line to use one of the portable toilets before the race Saturday night when the wind started kicking up.  There’d been talk all day about possible bad weather, but aside from a few clouds, it didn’t look too bad.  But watching the leaves swirl in the breeze I thought, “Well, if things go south, I’m going to dash over to Wide World of Sports and duck into the stadium.”

I’d barely stepped out of the port-o-potty when a voice over the loudspeakers told us that, due to imminent incoming severe weather, we were being evacuated to the stadium at Wide World of Sports.  So yeah, I guess I jinxed it.

About an hour later, we got the all clear and lined up for the race.  But the lost time and the weather had done us in.  We wouldn’t be clear of the county roads in time, and Animal Kingdom apparently had branches down on the part of the course running through it.  We would run, but it would be only seven miles.  A half half marathon.

You could feel the disappointment, especially from those, like me, for whom this was to have been their first half marathon ever.  But most everyone stayed in good spirits.  We could still be huddled in the crowded baseball stadium doing nothing.  At least we’d get to run a race, and still get to go to the after party at EPCOT.  Oh, there were some who groused about having spent money for 13.1 miles and so deserving 13.1 miles.  And others who complained we’d be getting medals we hadn’t earned.  Those seemed to be the exception though, and if they want to get with Disney about their inability to control the weather, well, let them have fun with that.

For me, yes, it was a letdown, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my night.  I’d still put in months of work to get ready, more than I’d done probably in my entire life.  This would have been a culmination, but not the be all end all of the experience.  And I got to spend the weekend with Jillian.  No storm clouds are ever going to diminish that.

So now my first half marathon will be January in California for the Rebel Challenge at Disneyland.  I’m going to play it safe and not go to bathroom or look at the sky until then.


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