imagesI’m doing my first ever half-marathon in four days, and truth be told, I’m a little intimidated.

I’ve been training for a few months, and did around 11.5 miles on my longest run.  And as the distance grew, so did my confidence.  But then the training program had me taper off, and subconsciously, I feel like I’ve gotten slower because I haven’t been going as far.  And the last two weeks have had no long runs at all.  So now I feel like I’ve kinda frittered away the progress I’d made, and there’s this 13.1-mile specter waiting to smack me around because of it.

It’s all in my head, I know that.  I haven’t completely physically collapsed over the last month; I did a five-mile race a few weeks ago and came in under an hour like I wanted to do.  And it’s not like 11.5 is so inconceivably far away from 13.1 that it’s folly to even consider it.  Thing is, I remember how hard I worked to hit that 11.5.  And wonder if I’ll have it in me for that extra 1.6 I’ll need to finish.

In the end I’m just psyching myself out.  The trick is not to listen to those little voices.  I’ve got plenty of music to drown them out once the race starts.  It’s ignoring them for the next four days that’s going to be the trick.


One thought on “Daunted

  1. Trust your training. If you’ve put in the miles then the taper helps, and you’ll do fine on the day of the race. (He says, but I speak from experience.)

    One word of advice: slow down, especially at the beginning. The adrenaline kicks in and there’s all those other runners, and it is very easy to run too fast at the beginning.

    Good luck!

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