While I Pondered Weak and Weary

ponder-201x300I’ve been up since 5:30 AM, ran five miles before 9:00 AM, there was no Bucs game to rant about, and I have all the cognitive capacity of a damp towel right now.  But I hate to let another Sunday go by without posting, so here are some random thoughts.

  • I actually skipped my intervals for the first part of the run I did today, and ran straight through for the first two and a half miles.  That is the longest sustained distance I’ve run since I was in college.  I feel fine right now, aside from the general tiredness, but I bet you anything my body is going to let me know I’m not in college anymore in the morning.
  • Today was the day that reminded me why I stopped doing fantasy football.  Guys that were projected in double digits are instead in single figures, and I hate everything and everybody.
  • That said, the real football games I watched were pretty entertaining, especially the two late games going down to the wire.  Amazing what happens when I’m not in a pissy mood because of my football team.
  • I don’t know how we ever did long-distance relationships without text messaging and social media.  I talk to Jillian practically all day thanks to Facebook Messenger and I still miss her like crazy.  I can’t imagine what it would have been like if all we had were phone calls.
  • The final The Force Awakens one-sheet popped up online this afternoon.  Immediately followed by the excited whoops of Star Wars geeks everywhere.  Which was itself immediately followed by sourpusses telling them why they shouldn’t be excited.  Come on, people, let us have our moment here.  We got burned bad sixteen years ago.  We need this.  And what possible inconvenience is it for you if someone is excited about a Star Wars movie?  Your life will go on.  Probably with excitement over things of your own that other people won’t get.  Whatever floats our boats, huh?
  • The only question on the U.S. citizenship test should be, “What do you do at a 4-way stop?”  Hell, I’d be in favor of that being a qualification to vote.
  • I get not wanting Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, but wasn’t Hillary Clinton’s cameo kind of the same thing?  I get that being the host is a much larger footprint than appearing in one sketch, but it still feels a little like, “Well, we like her.”
  • Besides, Trump hosting is enough of a bad idea from an entertainment standpoint without bringing his politics into it.

Okay, there’s a broad flat surface calling my name.  Time to let my age catch up with me.


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