Monday Monday

3e1931066bbb4cf6ca783885f9dd07efThanks to my trying — and not quite making — 14 miles on my training run Saturday (I did 12.55, with the last three being mostly walking), yesterday was a complete slob fest of a day.  Which made getting back into the work grind today even less appealing than usual.  If we could somehow just skip over the hours of 6 to 9 AM on Monday mornings, I’m certain we could increase productivity a hundred fold.  We wouldn’t have time to think about the five days of drudgery ahead of us; we’d be in it before we could blink.

This particular Monday was actually going fairly well until I answered a phone call from my apartment office.  Where was my rent, they wanted to know.  Paid automatically two days ago, I informed them.  Or so I believed.  Turns out that, rather unhelpfully, our autopay system does not allow you to pay the last or first month of a lease automatically.  And that, in order to provide some excitement in our otherwise dreary lives, we’re not told this until the absolute last minute.  As in after we think the payment has been made and everything is just fine.  Fortunately, the staff at the office know me, know I’m not a total flake, and didn’t charge me any late fees.  But I’d have to bring them a check for the rent, since, being past the due date, I’d be charged a service fee if I did it online.  So I had to leave work early to get them a check before they closed.  Fun fun.

But hey, silver linings and such:  there was a meeting in my department that had ordered a bunch of Jimmy John’s sandwiches for a meeting.  And there were leftovers!  And would I like some?  Seeing as it was now 1:30 and I’d somehow not yet eaten lunch, I couldn’t turn that down.  When I got over to the building where they had the meeting, I found a tray of assorted sandwich halves that were kind of hard to identify.  They knew what they’d ordered, but apart from tearing each sandwich open, I couldn’t tell what was what.  But hey, free was free, so I grabbed what looked like turkey and headed back to my desk to eat.

Yeah, about that turkey.  I think I need my eyes checked, because it was actually cheese.  With nothing else but vegetables to go with it.  Yep, a veggie sub.  I’d already taken a bite out of it, so no chance of just slipping it back on the tray and trying again.  So I sat there bleakly chewing on my salad and wondering what I’d done to deserve this.

Still, it was a free lunch.  And I still have a place to live.  Although it does occur to me that the service charge for having paid online would come out to just about the pay I lost from leaving work early.  The cosmic scales remain balanced.  And another Monday fades away.


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