What I’d Watch 10/2/15

Okay, so I was wrong this once.  The Green Inferno didn’t follow the usual Horror Movies Open™ routine.  Likely because it didn’t look like what most people consider a horror film.  Whatever the reason, I blew that one.  Shut the column down.  It’s over.  No more point in going on.

Well, okay.  But just because you asked nicely.

The Walk doesn’t go wide until next week, but it strolled into IMAX theaters this past Wednesday, much like Everest did.  However, The Walk has a much higher profile, between director Robert Zemeckis and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  At first I was a little puzzled why this film existed when you can watch the fantastic documentary Man On Wire and see the real Philippe Petit on a real wire between the real World Trade Center towers.  But then I remembered that would require people to actually watch documentaries, which they sadly just don’t do.  Besides, the format is likely the real star here, in hopes that audiences will willingly pay $20 to induce vertigo in themselves.  Which is apparently actually happening, so, success, I guess?  I’ll likely check this out on a regular screen to see if it works as a film as opposed to a physics experiment though.  And I still have hopes it will.

Going wide after its limited opening last week is Sicario, Emily Blunt’s latest audition for the role of Captain Marvel.  Come on, Disney, just do it already.  In all seriousness though, this is apparently a breakthrough role for Blount, who’s been one of the better things in a lot of her films of late.  The film is also hitting a timely nerve, what with its story of battling drug lords at the Mexican border, and it’s drawing rave reviews, so we likely have our first real Oscar contender of the season.  I had a chance to see it last night … and instead went to the RiffTrax screening of Miami Connection, because my priorities are clearly correctly aligned.  But Sicario is definitely on the plate for this weekend.

The slam dunk release for me though is The Martian.  I absolutely devoured Andy Weir’s novel when it came out, and upon finishing said, “Okay, make movie now.”  Ridley Scott heard me, and now we have it.  There’s so much win in this film for me — great source material, Scott seeming in top form, NASA/competency porn, being smart being a good thing — that I really wish Matt Damon had kept his opinions on gay actors coming out to himself so there wasn’t even a whiff of negativity about this.  Even so, The Martian has a real shot at breaking Gravity‘s record for an October opening.  We’ll see if possibly dying on Mars has more box office oomph than merely possibly dying in Earth orbit.

And that, folks, is three solid movies all seeming worthy of your attention this weekend.  And it’s just the beginning.  We’ve got new Spielberg in two weeks, and then the fall/winter rush is on and it looks like it’s going to be an embarrassment of riches.  There’s even another horror movie for me to be wrong about.  Can’t wait.


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