All Things to All People

Atlas-edit1I like being the guy people know to go to for answers.  I like being so good at doing something that I’m the one people turn to for help with it.  I like being seen as dependable enough to be trusted with important tasks.

I don’t like when all of these things happen at once.

Maybe it was the fact that it was a Monday, maybe it was the fact that I had a weirdly left-field and oddly brief bout of food poisoning last night and was a little out of it, but it just felt like everybody wanted everything at once.  Inbox was filling up, instant messenger was pinging, phone was ringing, and other rhyming things were happening.  Every thing I started to do reminded me of something else I had to do, and then it all just started cascading and I vapor locked.  I went into a fugue state of just starting at my monitor, aware of all this stuff I had to do, and with no clue where to start with any of it.

So I did the most sensible thing.  I got up and wandered around the building for a bit.  I got a soda.  I got some ice cream.  I watched people getting off Rip Ride Rockit from the window in our break room.  I was completely irresponsible for about twenty minutes.  I figured I was owed.

All the stuff was still waiting for me when I got back, and had grown a bit, but having separated myself from it for a while, it didn’t seem quite so ominous.  I could see what needed to be done now and what could wait.  Some of it needed more info and put itself on hold.  Some of it, as sometimes proves the case, had already been done.  One by one things got cleaned out of their folders and the avalanche was stemmed.

And then I saw it was 6:15.

Definitely called for more ice cream.


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