Abandon Ship

Tampa_Bay_Buccaneers_2014_Ship2They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  And yet there I sat on another Buccaneers opening day hoping for different results and instead getting the same team that has been disappointing me for four years now.

I don’t understand how a team can be in training camp since August, play four pre-season games, and consistently come out to start the season looking like they have no idea what they’re doing.  I don’t get how a coaching staff seemingly makes no effort to protect their prize investment at quarterback by putting together a competent offensive line.  It’s beyond me how a defense keeps showing a complete inability to cover anybody when it matters.  I can’t remember a time when you couldn’t count on our special teams to get a penalty on a kick return.

It’s just bad football, and I’m almost at the point of not wanting to watch it anymore.

I mean, there’s loyalty, and there’s masochism.  I sat there at 4:25 today all excited and raring to go.  Three minutes of game time later — THREE MINUTES — and it was 14-0 and that was that.  I was ready to go.  I’d been watching games at this sports bar since 1:00, waiting for my game to start, and it was all over in a matter of three minutes.  I could feel everything just draining out of me.  I didn’t want to stick by my team.  I didn’t want to see it through to the end.  I just wanted it to be over.  And the Bucs kindly obliged, making it 35-7 at halftime and allowing me to call it a day.

I didn’t even pay attention to the rest of the game once I got home.  We ended up trading touchdowns in what looks like a second half comprised of us being desperate and Tennessee just trying not to get anybody hurt.  Our local CBS affiliate, the network showing the game, had opted to go with Denver/Baltimore instead.  On Wednesday this ticked me off.  Today I could only praise the decision.

It’s at the point now where all the Sunday events I bailed on to watch football I’m considering attending, because they’re bound to be more fun.  I can check scores on my phone.  I don’t need to watch a massacre happening live to know someone got killed.

Of course, I reserve the right to take all this back if the Bucs win next week and look really good doing it.  Fans have a right to be fickle.


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