What I’d Watch 9/11/15

Okay, this weekend is slightly better than the black hole that was last weekend.  But only slightly, and only because of a possible redemption story that brings a little bit of interest to the proceedings.  Plus I already fired the “OMG this week sucks, let’s talk about something else” bullet last time, so it’d be bad form to use it again so soon.

90 Minutes in Heaven, which somehow runs 121 minutes despite its title, has the bad fortune of opening in the wake of the surprisingly strong performance of War Room.  That film seems to be cleaning up with the Christian market right now, so I don’t know if there’s room for another film to have its turn, especially one that doesn’t tell women to simply stay in an unhappy marriage and pray real hard that things get better.  Hayden Christensen is the man who makes the titular visit, who’s gone pretty low key since getting Vadered in Revenge of the Sith; only 2008’s Jumper has even come close to being a hit for him.  And even with the built-in audience for these kinds of films, I doubt this is going to break that streak.

The Perfect Guy is apparently about Sanaa Lathan’s cleavage.  I mean, that’s what’s front and center on the poster, and that’s really all I have to go by, because I’ve heard neither hide nor hair of this film until I saw it on the release schedule.  Hold on, let me do some due diligence … thriller … handsome stranger … danger … rival ex …  Okay, pretty standard thriller distinguished by the fact it’s got three African-American leads.  And a screenplay by a guy named Tyger.  If that’s not a point in its favor, then I fear for the future of cinema.

But the big release is the next step in the rehabilitation of M. Night Shyamalan, The Visit.  This time around the film’s advertising actually acknowledges his existence as the director, unlike After Earth, so already he’s faring much better.  And he’s going back to his horror roots that served him so well with The Sixth Sense and Signs.  It seems to be working for him; reviews are saying it’s his best film in many years.  Then again, considering what those many years contained for him, it’d be hard not to top those films.  The big question here is whether Shyamalan has so damaged his brand that audiences are no longer buying what he’s selling.  Now it’s a horror film with no real competition right now, and the trailers have been pretty effective, so I have a feeling it’s at the very least going to open well.  Anything beyond that will depend if we get “I see dead people” or “Hey, there’s a lady in that water.”  Which isn’t an actual line from Lady in the Water, but damned if I can remember anything that was actually said in that movie.

And lest I let one of these posts actually go by without mentioning Mad Max: Fury Road, I’m definitely checking out the IMAX 3D release this evening.  The film had a strong #1 debut on the Blu-ray charts, but I still want to throw it some support.  And I’m willing to forgo my usual disdain for the deluxe format to witness me some Warboy mayhem in 3D.  If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is.


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