Back to Unreality

fantasy+football2Two weeks ago I was in zero fantasy football leagues.  Today I’m in two.  Clearly something is afoot.

Well, actually, what happened was one of the leagues I was formerly in had an opening and was desperate.  It was actually my old team, and some of them had assumed it was still mine, so I told them if they couldn’t find anybody else, I’d take it just so they would have an even number of teams.  Which I should have realized meant they no longer had to look very hard for another team, since they now had me.  Oh well, it was free, so no stakes to get worked up over, just some friendly competition and maybe some smack talk.  The things that drove me to quit two years ago didn’t seem like they’d be a problem.  I barely did any prep for the draft, and in fact had auto-select on as I was playing in a tournament at the time it was scheduled.  I’d just roll with what the fates dealt me and be fine with it.

But then another friend of mine was short on teams as well.  This is a guy I game with a lot, and some of the other people in my game group were in the league already.  And what the hell, I’d already dipped my toe back in the water; why not dip the other one in while I was at it?  It was still free, still for fun and bragging rights, so I told him I was in.  This draft is tonight and I will be around for it, but I’m not exactly poring over tight end rankings and defensive point projections right now.  I’m just going to wing it and see what happens.

Now there’s a good chance this calm, zen demeanor will go away the instant my starter projected to score 35 points gets me 10 and I lose by a single point because someone missed a field goal.  But I’m going to try not to let it get to that point.  Besides, it looks like the Bucs are going to give me enough reasons to beat my head this season that I won’t need to add drama over a bunch of players I don’t actually have on a team.  Not that I actually have the Bucs either, but you get my point.

In any case, I don’t see this as a return to my old fantasy football obsessed days where I was in four leagues, two of which I’d paid to get in.  I just don’t feel that competitive about it.  Unless I win.  Then I might have to reconsider the whole thing again.


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