Tilted Windmills

cropped-crusade2I forget what it was.  Some Republican saying or doing something stupid, or some over-stepping cop video, I don’t remember.  I felt that old familiar fire, the rising sense of outrage, and clicked the share button, ready to add a vitriolic comment or two and share it on my feed.

And then I clicked the X and moved on.

It wasn’t that I didn’t care.  The fact that I can’t remember the specifics is more an indication of how frequent such stories seem to be these days rather than a case of indifference.  No, it was that very frequency.  That my friends and I post stories like this, vent our frustrations, beg for change, and wake up to find another batch of stories the next day.  It feels like we’re voices in the storm sometimes, unheard over the howling wind.  And maybe a little tired of having to keep pointing out there’s a storm in the first place.

Part of it too though is that it’s getting to be an echo chamber.  Chances are good the ones who need to see stuff like this have long since been culled from our friends lists.  We’re just earning our liberal cred by being the first to show our displeasure at something, the number of Likes and Shares indicating just how righteous we were.  It’s preaching to the choir.

Not that I think a blind eye should be turned to everything.  But I can’t spend my emotional collateral on every single thing anymore.  It’s wearying.  It’s depressing.  And after a while, it just becomes a drone, background noise from which nothing stands out.  Besides, with an election coming up next year, I feel like I’ll need my strength for bigger battles.

So take it as writ that I think there are some cops who are out of control.  That there are some on the religious right who are blinded by their faith and want to force that faith on everyone.  That there are some delusional racists who think the antebellum South was this pastoral fantasy land that just didn’t get a fair shake.  That there are some conservatives who only care about making sure companies can make as much money as possible so that the rich keep getting richer.  I’m just not going to make my Facebook feed into a non-stop billboard about them.  You can’t tilt at every windmill.


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