Stationery Front

For reasons far too esoteric and geeky to go into here, I needed to get some ultra fine tip Sharpies.  Things wrapped up at game night a little early tonight, so I left just before 8:30, figuring I had time to hit Staples before 9:00 and get what I needed.  The lights were still on in the store when I pulled up, and a scattering of cars dotted the parking lot.  I looked at my watch:  8:40, plenty of time.

Turns out they closed at 8:00.

Probably my fault for just assuming all stores stay open until 9:00 on a weeknight, but … well, most stores stay open until 9:00 on a weeknight!  What the hell was this?  Other stores in the plaza were still open.  Why was Staples denying me my shopping pleasure?  Do they not like money?  Do they not know I need ultra fine tip Sharpies?  This was definitely not easy.

Perturbed, I remembered an Office Depot about five minutes down the road.  I headed that way and found a very similar scene:  lights on, cars in the parking lot … and a store that had closed at 8:00.  This was getting ridiculous.  If hostile aliens were to descend upon us demanding all our office supplies after 8:00, Orlando would be a smoking ruin.

I thought about going to the still-open Target or the eternally open Walmart, but the mood was no longer on me.  Besides, these were specific ultra fine tip Sharpies I needed, and I doubted the relatively meager school supplies section of either store would be of use to me.

Defeated, I drove home, resigning myself to trying again tomorrow, and to boring all of you with this tale.  In that at least I hope I have been successful.


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