No Plan Survives

02016There’s a Doomtown: Reloaded tournament coming up on Saturday — yeah, I know, me and tournaments, but I’m a glutton for punishment, especially if there’s an entry fee — and tonight was the last open play night beforehand.  I had a couple of decks I’d been tweaking all week that I thought would be pretty good, but I needed to test them against live opponents before I’d be willing to throw my lot in with them.

It’s not just back to the drawing board, it might be time to buy a whole new drawing board, or perhaps burn down the building in which the old board sits, move away, and contemplate a life of quiet solitude.

Both decks were disasters.  The basic ideas were sound, but the execution left a lot to be desired.  Too dependent on a small number of cards.  Too slow to get going.  Too little economy to be able to afford things.  And add into it some really boneheaded decisions on my part.  Have to discard a card?  Oh, let me get rid of the one that could have earned me money.  Low on funds?  Let me spend everything I have on something that I have to pay to maintain every turn.  This guy has an ability that will get me some coin?  Let me thrown him into a fight he doesn’t need to be in.  I lost all three games I played with my two decks, and most of them had me conceding because there was no way I could mount any kind of resistance.

So it’s back to my old fallback deck, the one I’ve used in previous tournaments and not totally embarrassed myself with.  I’ll update it a little to account for some of the new cards that have come along since then.  And likely totally ruin it in the process.  Oh well, it’s not like I was going to do anything important with that entry fee otherwise.


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