The Rise and Fall of the Arts and Crafts Project

vaderWell, I’m not going to be on HGTV anytime soon.

I’ve had these Star Wars collector pins for a while now.  And I got it in my head to get a shadowbox to display them in, as opposed to having them just sitting on a shelf.  Then I got it out of my head, back in, out one more time, then in again.  Long story short, I finally got a shadowbox about two months after getting the idea in the first place.  That’s how my head works sometimes.

I figured it would just be a simple matter of poking the pins into the backing, sealing it up and hanging it on the wall.  And in a just and fair world, that would have been the case.  This world is neither.  And so I couldn’t get the pins lined up evenly on the backing.  When I did, they’d fall out as soon as I sat it up straight.  Then the backing wouldn’t go in correctly.  Then trying to tap it back in, the pins fell out again.  Then I may have suggested that not only did an inanimate object have a mother, but that it also had done some morally reprehensible things to her.  And finally, by some cosmic miracle, I got everything the way I wanted.

And so it sat on my coffee table for another month.  Again, the way the head works.  But last night I finally got motivated to hang it up, along with the five small prints I got the same time as the pins.  I was a damn Martha Stewart at this point.  To my great surprise, I got everything hung up on the walls relatively straight and centered and with a bare minimum of claims of maternal carnal knowledge.  I was most pleased with myself, and when I got home this afternoon, I was greeted by my handiwork and felt like I’d made this place a little more homey.

About half an hour ago, the shadowbox, for no discernible reason, fell off the wall.  And all the pins fell out.

I hope its mother wasn’t listening.


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