Dice Tower Quick Hits: Day 2

The long Day 1 took its toll, as Day 2 ended a few hours earlier for me.  Here are the highlights:

  • Game #5 — Kingsport Festival:  A Cthulhu re-skin of the game Kingsburg, this has you rolling dice to invoke various Elder Gods to increase your occult influence in the town of Kingsport.  Occasionally some daring investigators show up that you have to deal with as well.  I could have won this one had I not been, oh, a complete and utter idiot and forgot to use an ability I had.  Still fun though.
  • Game #6 — Forbidden Stars:  A full game this time, all five hours of it.  My Eldar came roaring out of the gate and I had victory pretty well lined up until the other players realized this.  That was fun while it lasted.  Seriously though, this never once felt like five hours, and we loved every minute of it.
  • Game #7 — Flick ‘Em Up:  A cute dexterity game where you’re flicking little wooden bullets at little wooden cowboys trying to take out the sheriff or the leader of the bad guys.  And in which a bunch of guys in the 30s and 40s got schooled by an 11-year old girl.  That’s gaming for you.

No What I’d Watch today, as a) the two films opening today — Ted 2 and Max — hold little interest for me and b) I don’t see either one standing much of a chance against the Jurassic World/Inside Out juggernaut, although Ted 2 could make it close.

Time to load up on caffeine for a long Day 3!


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