Dice Tower Quick Hits: Day 1

Some quick thoughts on Day 1 of Dice Tower Con 2015:
  • Check-in was once again much more convoluted than it needed to be.  Having hundreds of people file past a single table through two doors isn’t going to work.  And you don’t reorganize the line after people have been standing in it for an hour.  Orlando is crawling with theme park people!  We know how to move queues!  Ask us!
  • Game #1 — Forbidden Stars:  A new wargame from Fantasy Flight set in the Warhammer 40K universe.  Think a cross between their Game of Thrones board game with some of their Starcraft board game thrown in.  Lots of pieces, lots of rules, but lots of game too.  Only got through half of it, but we liked it enough to want to play it again.
  • Boy hotel food prices are RIDICULOUS.  I’m currently typing this from a computer at the library because I had to sell mine to pay for that sandwich.
  • Game #2 — Lifeboat:  Quick filler while we were killing time before another game we had scheduled.  Fun times beating people up and getting thrown overboard on a lifeboat.  I died, but that’s okay, because I hated myself.  Which makes sense if you know the game.  No, really, it does.
  • Game #3 — Rex: Final Days of an Empire:  Once again playing my friend’s re-skin of this game back to its original Dune ancestor.  My alliance very nearly pulled out the win on two separate occasions — which is too bad, because I was totally going to betray my ally and take the win for myself.  So I guess I deserved to lose on the last turn.
  • Game #4 — Five Tribes:  That “The day is almost over, gotta play one more thing!” game we snuck in right around midnight.  Basically a mancala-type game with some added area control and set collection.  Plus you can buy djinn to give you a ridiculous amount of points, like the guy who won did.  And like I, who lost, didn’t.  Still, fun game.

Not as many games as I would have liked, but the first day is usually a settle in and take it all in day.  Plus Forbidden Stars and Rex are pretty big time sinks.

Off to Day 2!


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