Rounding Into Shape

I’ve been kind of lazy, well, since the holidays.  I haven’t gone on some destructive food binge, nor have I started lounging about on the couch all day, but I’ve definitely relaxed the routine I was on for so long when I was trying to get below that 175 pound mark.  The daily walks have turned into three or four times a week.  I’ve allowed myself to slip over my daily calorie limit here and there.  Not a total relapse to the old ways — I’d have a LONG way to go to reach that — but enough that I’m starting to feel a little listless and aware of clothes feeling ever so slightly tighter.

The good news is that this relative slothfulness has resulted in all of five or six pounds of added weight.  I’m closer to 175 than I was half a year ago, but I’m still under it.  And yet I’m not using this as an excuse to pat myself on the back and keep doing what I’m doing.  That road leads to 180, 185, and eventually back to the dark days of 200, and that is something I will simply not allow to happen again.

I’m not mad at myself, or disappointed.  I know exactly how I got here, what I did to get where I was, and how to get back there again.  What’s more, I know I can do it, because I’ve done it already.  And I want to do it.

Summer will make it tough; it’s what broke my Couch to 5K program last year.  But that just means resisting multiple taps on the snooze button and rousing myself out of bed so I can get the work in while it’s still relatively cool outside.  Besides, a little sweat never hurt anybody.

So I’ve got this.  There’s no panic, no self-loathing.  Just stuff I have to do.  And I will.  I’ve come too far not to.


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