What I’d Watch 6/5/15

It might sound strange to call weekend with three films opening on more than 3,000 screens a lull, but that’s what this feels like.  None of this week’s wide releases seem like they’re poised to set the world on fire, and with Jurassic World opening next week, whichever one wins isn’t likely to repeat.  But all three are some decent counter-programming, even if I don’t much like the long-term chances of two out of the three.

Entourage the TV show has been off the air for three years, and pretty much out of whatever public consciousness it once had for longer than that.  Although this thing ran for eight seasons, I watched maybe two of them in their entirety (somewhere in the middle), and damned if I can remember much about them.  Yet here it is not only getting a feature film, but a Wednesday opening before a non-holiday, like it’s some kind of event picture.  Either somebody was getting a sweet deal on some production facilities and needed to make something, or there’s a bigger Entourage cult than I’ve realized.  It’s hard for me to imagine the series left much gas in the tank for these characters, so I don’t see where a movie could interestingly go.  And since it was on HBO, it’s not like they’re finally freed from the constraints of TV.  I’m sure this will make somebody somewhere happy, but not enough somebodies to make this a hit.

The Insidious franchise has been doing all right for itself.  The first film grossed $54 million on a budget barely over $1 million.  The second one upped the budget and the gross followed suit, this time topping out at nearly $90 million.  Now, the obtusely-named Insidious: Chapter 3 has the biggest budget of them all, right around $10 million.  Can it break $100 million?  It’s going to be tough with all the competition out there, but with the Poltergeist remake taking a dive, it’ll pretty much have the horror market to itself until mid-July.  Still, compared to oceans of cash its competitors cost, it’s definitely going to be profitable, so don’t be surprised if a Chapter 4 isn’t with us in another two years.

But the big winner this weekend is going to be Spy.  The Paul Feig/Melissa McCarthy combo has been box office gold so far, with Bridesmaids and The Heat both bringing in over $150 million.  They both managed to actually be funny as well, and with Spy‘s high concept and killer cast, there’s no reason to think this can’t outdo the previous two pairings.  The only drawback I see for Spy is that Ted 2 opens in a few weeks, and that could take away some of the comedy audience, although it could be argued Spy and Ted 2 are playing to two different audiences and won’t hurt each other that much.  But I have a feeling Spy is going to be the big comedy of the summer, and even more of a break-out for McCarthy.

And in case anyone was wondering, no, it doesn’t look like I’ll be seeing Mad Max: Fury Road again this weekend.  Forgive me.


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