Starbox Grande

I bought a tackle box yesterday, and I have no intention of going fishing.

See, part of the problem with buying a miniatures game — particularly one that offers a steady stream of expansions — is that you need a place to keep all your little pieces that’s also portable enough to carry around.  Because any self-respecting miniatures gamer can’t just bring the models they’re using that day.  Oh no, we have to have the entire collection on hand.  Partly in case we need that one figure or that one upgrade or that one token.  But mostly so we can show off.

And the scary thing is that this is actually the fourth storage solution I’ve purchased for X-Wing.  I started off small, with a stackable storage container from Target, back when all I had was a core set and a couple of ships.  I outgrew that and took my first step into the world of Plano, the gamer’s best plastic friend.  They make a dizzying variety of multi-compartment plastic storage boxes, and I found one that was the perfect size for both what I had and for future purchases.  Then I got a second one as my little plastic fleet grew, and I felt I had the whole thing under control.

But they just had to go make more ships, and weird sized ones too, so I decided to go big and get a full-sized Plano tackle box.  Which was an amusing experience, since I had to venture into the sporting goods department, where it was assumed I was there to purchase something actually related to sports and the outdoors.  The clerk tried to be helpful, but since I wasn’t interested in fishing, there wasn’t really much he could do for me.  But I walked out with a decently big box that has served me well for almost two years, despite the occasional, “Hey, what did you catch?” from neighbors who see me toting it home from a game.

Now, though, Armada has come along, which means more fake spaceships looking for a home.  And while I’ve got everything in the core set box for now, that’s not going to survive the next wave of ships.  And so I’ve purchased yet another Plano tackle box, with the intent of migrating the X-Wing ships to the new one and moving Armada into the old one.  Which would make this the largest concentration of sporting goods I’ve owned in about twenty years.  None of which will be used for actual sports.

I do stand while playing these games though.  Does that count?


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