Must See Eventually

The prime time schedule might as well not exist for me anymore.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve watched something at the actual time it aired.  Even if I’m home at the time a show I watch is airing, I’ll sometimes think, “But I’m in the middle of something, I’ll just watch it later.”  It’s not like I don’t have at least two or three ways of doing so.  The only thing I’m missing out on is the immediacy of discussing something right after it airs, but I’ve got good spoiler discipline and a modicum of patience.  I can wait.

In fact, sometimes I’ll watch a show from Tuesday while one of my other shows airs on Wednesday.  I’m in a near perpetual state of almost there, running to catch up from a day behind.  It’s a far cry from when you actually needed a TV Guide and had to wait for summer reruns if you missed something the first time around.  Or even the VCR days, where you had to watch what you’d recorded on some kind of schedule because you need to re-use the cassette.  Now?  Eh, I can binge on two or three episodes of The Flash or Agents of SHIELD whenever I feel like it.  Nothing to peruse or rewind.  It’s just there in the ether waiting for me.  The worst that’ll happen is my friends can’t talk to me about it for a week or two.  They’ll live.

Now live stuff like sporting events, that’s different.  That needs the immediacy of seeing it as it happens.  People ask me why I never DVR football games to watch later, and I can never really describe to them how it’s different from watching a TV show later.  It’s not that it’s all about the final result, but that has a lot to do with it.  Knowing the outcome of a game really lessens my desire to watch it later, in a way knowing how a movie or TV show ends doesn’t.  Even if I stay away from the scores, just knowing that all I need to do is go to to see what happened hampers my enjoyment.  I need to know I don’t have a way to know.

Yeah, I’m weird, and the networks probably hate me.  Which I’ll probably find out about a few days after it happens.


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