Many Hoppy Returns

If there’s anything I miss about being Fat Richard, it’s being able to pretty much drink beer without a second thought.  Granted, that attitude was largely responsible for the existence of Fat Richard in the first place, but back then I wasn’t all that worried about it.  Those days are long gone though, and while I haven’t completely cut beer from the menu, it’s a much less frequent visitor, and usually a light beer.  Dammit.

I do allow myself the occasional indiscretion however.  And today seemed like a good occasion for it, since one of our local craft beer places was doing a fundraiser for the Noah’s Light Foundation, a group that helps kids with cancer.  All proceeds from two particular drafts on tap would be going to the Foundation, and there were raffles and other ways to give money.  Drink beer and help kids?  Sure.  So I got in a good long walk this morning in order to stockpile some calories for my indulgence, headed to World of Beer, and ordered a nice tall cold one.

Yeah, I’d really missed this.  Just sitting there, nursing a beer, watching five or six screens and not really focusing on any of them.  And not really worrying about the dietary consequences.  Oh, I kept things under control; I wasn’t about to launch on some epic binge and gain six pounds in an afternoon.  But I didn’t fret over every calorie either.  I was just a guy drinking a beer, with nobody knowing how hard I worked to get to that point.

However, drinking near-water for so long didn’t exactly help with my tolerance.  I got hit.  Hard.  Like, “Oh boy this is my first beer ever!” hard.  It was a heartier beer than your average stuff, and every percent of alcohol in it came around and introduced itself to me.  I didn’t get stupid sloppy or anything, but I was grateful they had food on hand so I could balance things out.

As much as I miss the days of free-flowing beer, it hasn’t been that hard keeping it out of the diet.  It was never a compulsion or addiction for me.  It was just something I liked to have with food, something whose taste I enjoyed.  Now that I’m pretty much at my target weight, I’ll probably start allowing myself a couple a little more frequently.  Not enough to meet up with Fat Richard again, but enough so that an actual honest to goodness beer doesn’t knock me on my ass.  Because that was kind of embarrassing.


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