Everything In Its Place

It’s a rainy Florida evening.  I’m sure some people are still braving the weather; it’s Florida, we’re used to a little rain.  They’re going out with friends, seeing movies, having dinner, doing all the things well-adjusted socially mature adults are doing.

Me?  Oh, I’m inside sorting game cards with plastic dividers I bought from Amazon.  And I’ve actually been looking forward to this all day.

I’ve always been an organizer.  Just usually not with things that actually need to be organized.  Clean laundry will sit somewhat folded on top of the dresser, but my DVDs and Blu-rays are carefully sorted by director, then franchise, then alphabetically by title for things that aren’t plentiful enough to go into one of those two categories.  I may have expired condiments in the fridge, but my Doomtown: Reloaded cards are properly arranged by faction and suit value using a custom wooden insert I bought online.  I had my Star Wars figures ordered by Rebel, Empire and Neutral on opposite sides of my Darth Vader carrying case, and don’t think I don’t look longingly at all my books and think about the day when I finally alphabetize them.

They may be small victories, but there’s some zen-like satisfaction in having that level of control over something, no matter how inconsequential.  Nobody bothers me, nobody second guesses how I’m doing it.  It’s just me and the things and whatever method I’ve settled on for putting them in their place.  And maybe not even permanently; I’ve been known to change how I arrange things for no other reason than having to do it all again.  I’m on my third different method of organizing my movies, although this one has stuck the longest.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to cut this short.  I’m pretty sure I have hero cards mixed in with ally cards, and that just will not do.


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