What I’d Watch 4/10/15: The Devil You Know

Okay, look, I could throw up a couple of hundred pithy words about The Longest Ride, the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation that’s the sole wide release this weekend.  By why bother?  You’re either going to finally go see Furious 7, going to see Furious 7 again, or do what I’m doing:  bingeing on Daredevil on Netflix.

Next to Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil is the longest continuous chunk of content to come to us from the Marvel Cinematic (well, now Cinema and Television) Universe.  But it’s the first to get the Netflix “everything at once” treatment, that automatic buzz-generating phenomenon where every episode is available immediately.  It’s guaranteed to help Daredevil dominate the discussion over the next few days, good or bad (and so far, things are leaning towards good, if the online comments and reviews are to be believed).

But it’s also Marvel unfettered by the strictures of the PG-13 rating and prime time network television.  Not that expect Daredevil to delve into Sunday night on HBO territory.  But I’m hoping the relative freedom of the format — and of knowing they had 13 episodes to do their thing without worrying about getting cancelled halfway through the season — brings us something a little more hard-hitting and true to the gritty nature of the character.  Daredevil still has all the comic book trappings — blind guy whose other senses become finely honed and turn him into a crime-stopping juggernaut — but, especially once Frank Miller took over the series, it’s also had one foot firmly planted in noir and crime fiction, with super-villains working for crime bosses more often than for themselves.  Cosmic adventure and world-spanning menaces are all fine and good, but it’ll be interesting to see how Marvel fares on a smaller canvas.

Or you can go watch Clint Eastwood’s kid make out with some pretty young actress I’ve never heard of.  You ask me, better the devil you know.


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