I was over this damn cold.  I was feeling better.  Then I went and ran that stupid 10K and now all the symptoms have come roaring back.

My head is once again filled with horrible, awful liquids that seem to spontaneously generate, because otherwise my head would have collapsed from all the mass I’ve been emitting.  And my throat seems to think my diaphragm needs a workout, what with all the coughing it’s making me do.

Figures this would happen the year I decide not to get a flu shot because I read that the strain going around was resistant to the vaccine.  I didn’t need a personal example of it.

Add that to the fact that I’ve been up since 4:30 AM and had a game night tonight and so didn’t go home until after ten and, well, it’s a miracle I’ve strung these sentences together.

I wonder how this cold will be doing in June when I’ll still have it.


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